Server Time:
x9999 Online 55

50% bonus to buy credits

Till 1 january 2022 u can buy credits with 50% bonus. Enjoy ! 

2021-12-12 18:47

Update - 1

To get online and play MU,players need to redownload client

Link -


Changed in Update

Added class balance. Its not perfect but playable. Will adjust with time.

Fixed reset auto system. Should work fine

Changed ppl to 10 from 25.

All players got reseted their master tree. Now max is 400lvl and 1 point per level.

Changed potions delay

Added new big ring

Added launcher system with autoupdate. 

Fixed spot respawn

Fixed new jewels

Fixed vault lag when cant add items

Fixed maps/gates

Added custom design of our server CLIENT

New updates coming soon. All stuff what needed for them will be downloaded with new launcher

2021-12-01 20:42


Good day Mutizen,


We will have a long Server Maintenance for 12 hours starting today @ 8 AM GMT +02 for server upgrades and game new features integration, we are very sorry for the inconvience.

2021-12-01 07:57

Max Stats/Updates

Max stats lowered to 32767 to increase balance with race to race


Coming new updates soon

2021-11-28 10:04

Webshop new items/Buying items

In webshop is added items with new sets. Before buying transfer your items from vault to vault 2,or 3,or 4 etc.


Make your vault free before making item in webshop.


Because we still havent add class classification for new items - at first buy non exe,without options and check if it works for your class. Than you can make exe/socket option. Anc sets will be added soon. 


If got any problems dont be shy,post your problem in our forum

2021-11-04 10:41

Wings 4lvl

Added 4lvl wings to webshop. Earn credits by voting or make grand res !

2021-10-30 11:42

ExtraMU Grand opening 29 oct

Server information: 


Starting: 29 october 2021

Host location: UK

Hosting provider: OVH (DDoS Protected)


Server configuration info:

Exp: 9999x 

Drop: 70%

Version: Season 6 Episode 16

Points per level: 25

Maximal stats: 32767

Maximal connections per IP: 3


From - 400lvl

In website / in game /reset command

Stats: stay

Spells: stay

Items: stay


Grand Reset:


Require: 70 resets

In website

Stats: stay

Items: stay

Spells: stay

Reward: 20000 credits




/s - add strength

/a - add agility

/v - add vitality

/e - add energy

/c - add command

/evo - Evolve to next class

/zen 200000000000 - set own zen to maximal

/reset (auto) - 

/post - POST in global chat

/re (on / off / auto) - Show/Hide requests or auto-accept party requests.

/attack - Start auto attack

/offattack - Start offattack

 Earn ruuds via making reset with NPC


Custom events with special drop



Excelent sets ,wings,orbs

Freebies :

500 stats bonus.  Player can vote in several links to gain credits. Vote can every 12 hours.


1. Create account (MUST HAVE)

2. Vote for server on all links on Vote Reward (ONLY REAL VOTES) (MUST HAVE)

3. Like and share our fb page (MUST HAVE)

Most active players will receive opportunity to receive GM


Webshop :


Maximal EXC Options: 6

Maximal socket options: 3 

Maximal item level: +15

Maximal additional option: +28 / +7% HP rec

2021-10-20 06:31

Server Has Been Opened